We introduce you to some of our experts

A team with a common goal: to manage in an independent, efficient and consistent manner, always looking for the best investment opportunities to maximize value.

Jaume Puig
Jaume Puig. CEO of GVC Gaesco Gestión.

He graduated in Economic Sciences from the University of Barcelona. He graduated in Actuarial Sciences from the University of Barcelona. European Financial Analyst (Certified European Financial Analyst). ICMB Fixed Income Portfolio Management. EFPA. He began his professional career in 1989 in Fibanc. Subsequently, he worked in Bank Vitalicio, he was the Financial Director of a business group and, in 1995, he joined Gaesco. Successively, he was an analyst, lead analyst, manager, Director of Investments and CEO of Gaesco Gestión, S.G.I.I.C., holding these last positions since 2000. At present he is the CEO of GVC Gaesco Fund Manager, S.G.I.I.C., the CEO of Investments, and directly manages different Investment Funds and SICAVs. He has earned 14 investment management awards, 10 of which were funds he managed personally, 3 as director of investment for an entity and one more, an individual title, as the best equity fund manager of the last decade. Member of Board of Inverco Catalunya. Member of the Evaluation Committee for the Executive Master in Finances from ESADE. He collaborates with the Master in Finance of the Barcelona GSE. He is a member of different professional organizations such as the Board of Economists of Catalonia, the Board of Actuaries of Catalonia and the Institute of Financial Analysts.


Cristina Urbano
Cristina Urbano. Manager, GVC Gaesco Fund Manager.

She Graduated in Actuarial and Financial Sciences and in Business Sciences. She is certified by the CEFA (Certified European Financial Analyst) and CIIA (Certified International Investment Analyst). She began her professional career in the “La Plana” Education Centre, where she carried out teaching tasks. At the beginning of 1997 she joined the research department of the Barcelona stock exchange, and at the end of the same year she went on to form part of GVC Gaesco Fund Manager, where she develops analysis, management, communication and reporting tasks.

Xavier Cebrián
Xavier Cebrián. Manager, GVC Gaesco Fund Manager.

He graduated in Economic Sciences from the Universitat Rovira i Virgili (Reus) and a Graduate in Business Administration from the University of Paisley (Glasgow). He completed a specialized master in “Financial Markets and Asset Management” in the Institute of Market Studies (IEB), Madrid. He entered as a Variable Yield Analyst in the research area of Gaesco in 2005. Since 2008, he has been the Manager of Investment Funds and SICAVs in the Management Department of GVC Gaesco.

Josep Monsó
Josep Monsó. Manager, GVC Gaesco Fund Manager.

He holds an Advanced Studies Graduate Degree (DEA) from the University of Barcelona (Equivalent to a Masters Degree), after completing the first year of the Doctorate in Applied Economics in the Department of Statistics, Econometrics and the Spanish Economy of the University of Barcelona, specializing in Applied Economic Techniques and Analysis. He Graduated in Economic and Business Sciences of the University of Barcelona, where subsequently he attended a Postgraduate Degree in Accounting and Corporate Economic Assessment. For three years he formed part of the Quantitative Regional Analysis Research Group of the University of Barcelona and at present he is a member of the management team of GVC Gaesco.


Anna Batlle
Anna Batlle. Manager, GVC Gaesco Fund Manager.

She Graduated in Physical Sciences of the University of Barcelona. Subsequently she completed the Master in Financial Markets in the Pompeu Fabra University. She holds the titles of European Financial Advisor (€FA) and the International Certificate in Financial Advice (ICFA). In 2005 she joined the research service of Gaesco and in 2008 she became part of the GVC Gaesco Fund Manager team.

Alberto Iglesias
Alberto Iglesias. Manager, GVC Gaesco Fund Manager.

Es Licenciado en Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales. Ha cursado un Máster en derivados en el Options and Futures Institute y tiene el título de Especialista en Banca y Finanzas por el Instituto de Estudios Bursátiles (I.E.B). Es aspirante al CIIA (Certified Internatinal Investment Analyst) por la ruta EQC. Empezó su carrera profesional en Banesto Banca Privada Gestión SGIIC en 2001, en donde estuvo 13 años, ocupando el puesto de gestor de Instituciones de Invesión colectiva , siendo estratega de la gestora y responsable de la cartera modelo Americana; atesora más de 15 años de experiencia en gestión. También contribuyó con el área de control, para modelizar la valoración alternativa de activos de Renta Fija. En el 2014, se incorporó al equipo GVC Gaesco, para gestionar Fondos de Inversión y Sicavs.

María Morales Calvo
María Morales Calvo. Responsible for Fixed Income Management.

Licenciada en Ciencias Económicas por la Universidad ETEA de Córdoba. Licenciada B.A. Honors Degree in Business, Languages and IT, por la University of Wolverhampton (Reino Unido). Posee el título de European Financial Advisor por la European Financial Planner Association. Empezó su carrera profesional en 1998 como gestora de Renta Variable en Mercado de Capitales de Cajasur para continuar su trayectoria, en 2006, en la gestora de Banco Madrid como responsable de Renta Fija para los Fondos de Inversión y SICAVs. Tras nueve años de experiencia en Banco Madrid, se incorporó a la entidad Merchbanc como Directora de Gestión de Renta Fija. Desde 2017 se incorpora a GVC Gaesco Gestión como responsable de Renta Fija para hacerse cargo de la gama de Fondos de Renta Fija e implementar un modelo de gestión activa y flexible en este tipo de activo.

18 años de experiencia en el sector.

Jaume Rey
Jaume Rey. Fundamental Analyst of GVC Gaesco Gestión.

He graduated in economics from the University of Barcelona. Subsequently, he completed a Master in Business and Financial Management in the Open University of Catalonia, where he is currently pursuing a degree in Law. Has CEFA (Certified European Financial Analyst) and CIIA (Certified International Investment Analyst) Certificates. He began his career in GVC Gaesco where, after working in the Brokerage Company, he joined Asset Management as a financial analyst.

Albert Enguix
Albert Enguix. Fundamental Analyst of GVC Gaesco Gestión.

He holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Sciences and Graduated in Business Management. He completed a master specializing in Banking and Finances. Additionally, he holds the title of Financial Asset Assessment Management through quantitative means (title issued within the doctoral program in Quantitative Banking and Finances). In 2013 he joined the GVC Gaesco Fund Manager team.

The CII Management Team
The CII Management Team

 From left to right:   

  • Joan Jover López-Rodo
  • Cristina Hernando Antón
  • Pol Companys Trilla
  • Eva Contreras Naharro
  • Sagar Quintana Olmo: Director Administración IICs 
  • Albert Pozo
  • Joan Masip
  • Margarita López Royo: Subdirectora Administración IICs