GVC Gaesco Small Caps, FI


An Investment Fund that invests in Medium and Small Caps companies, with a market capitalization of less than EUR 2.000 million at the time of acquisition.

Investment policy

Its key to success lies in selecting firms in the Euro area that meet a certain set of conditions. Mainly, the firms are required to have a strong and distinctive business model (in some cases even maintain a high market share internationally), which have a stable shareholder structure and are in a position to maintain profitable and sustainable growth over time. Secondly, we continue with the fundamental valuation of the selected companies, investing in those that maintain a higher discount. The global objective of the Fund is to maximize the portfolio's fundamental discount. This discount is monitored continuously.

Many of the companies in which the Fund invests are likely to have been originally offered at a much higher price than they are currently listed.

Weighting both geographic and sector level is done by stock picking. Therefore, the approach is bottom up. It is important to know the liquidity of the companies in the Fund. Liquidity tests are performed regularly.

This is a Fund that will be permanently invested, with a minimum of 85% of its assets in Equities.

It may invest in derivative instruments traded on organized and OTC markets with hedging and investment purposes.

(*) Change of investment policy 01/04/1999.

(**) From 5 February of 2016 this Fund has acquired the Feeder status from the Luxembourger Fund Luxemburgués Pareturn GVC Gaesco Euro Small Caps Equity Fund (Master) managed both by GVC Gaesco Gestión SGIIC. 


General Information
Category Euro Equities
Risk Profile 6
Managing Company GVC Gaesco Gestión, SGIIC, SA
Launch Date 10/05/1995 (*)
Benchmark Index MSCI EMU Small Caps
Currency EUR
ISIN ES0113319034
Bloomberg GAESMAL SM
Liquidity Daily

Other classes available

Name Class ISIN Min. Investment NAV Date DFI
GVC Gaesco Small Caps P ES0113319000 300.000 EUR
GVC Gaesco Small Caps I ES0113319018 1.000.000 € retail and 1 € institutional