Bona-Renda, FI


International Mixed Investment Fund.

Investment policy

Investment in Equity securities shall not exceed 70% of the assets of the Fund and will be made in securities issued by companies with the highest solvency from countries belonging to the OECD, denominated in Euros or in currencies other than the Euro.

Investment in Fixed Income Securities, at least 30% of the fund's assets will be from public or private issuers from any country that have a credit rating the same as or higher than the Kingdom of Spain.

It may invest in derivative instruments traded on organized and OTC markets for hedging and investment purposes.

The average length of the portfolio will be less than 7 years.


General Information
Category Mixed International Equity
Risk Profile 6
Managing Company GVC Gaesco Gestión, SGIIC, SA
Custodian BNP Paribas, S.A
Launch Date 31/05/1996
Benchmark Index MSCI world (60%) + Euribor 12m (40%)
Currency EUR
ISIN ES0115091037
Bloomberg BONARND SM
Liquidity Daily