GVC Gaesco Emergentfond, FI


An International Equity Investment Fund which invests in Emerging Countries using Collective Investment Institutions.

Investment policy

The GVC Gaesco team determines the Asset Allocation, giving more weight to those countries that offer the following features: A higher growth based on GDP that denotes a clear upward projection of their economies, the creation and expansion of the middle class, high domestic consumption, a strong appreciation potential for their currencies, healthy and profitable businesses, sustainable developments in PERs in the medium term and attractive Performance/Risk Relationship.

Once the most interesting countries have been agreed upon, international fund managers that best fit the GVC Gaesco philosophy are selected:

  • Consistency in management style.
  • High tracking error. The Alpha that can be generated by the management team through stock picking and asset allocation is evaluated. Indexed funds or those with a low tracking error are not interesting.
  • Fund management team with long professional trajectory and which have worked together. Thus, the strength in management and decision-making is more settled.

This Fund will always invest a minimum percentage of 85% of its assets in those securities in agreement with its investment policy, that is, Equities from Emerging areas such as Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America, using a selection of international funds.

It may invest in derivative instruments traded on organized and OTC markets with hedging and investment purposes.


General Information
Category International Equity
Risk Profile 6
Managing Company GVC Gaesco Gestión SGIICs, SA
Custodian Banc de Sabadell, SA
Launch Date 17/12/1999
Benchmark Index MSCI Emerging Markets Free Index
Currency EUR
ISIN ES0140628035
Bloomberg GAESEME SM
Liquidity Daily