GVC Gaesco Europa, FI


European Equity Investment Fund.

Investment policy

The Fund uses quantitative techniques to identify securities that are trading at a greater discount compared to their fundamental value, in order to provide these greater weight. Therefore, the fundamental discount of the securities is calculated and the discount life cycle is monitored.

It is essential to maximize the entirety of the fundamental portfolio discount at all times.

The Fund has a very low turnover. The asset will be paid out once it has reached in fundamental value. Likewise, if in the market there is a better opportunity for a discount and potential for the assets, this opportunity will be incorporated into the portfolio.

It can operate in futures, options and derivative financial instruments traded in organized and OTC purpose of hedging and investment markets.

Exposure to equities will be at least 85%.


General Information
Category International Equity
Risk Profile 7
Managing Company GVC Gaesco Gestión SGIICs, SA
Custodian Banc de Sabadell, SA
Launch Date 08/06/1998
Benchmark Index Dow Jones Europe STOXX
Currency EUR
ISIN ES0140643034
Bloomberg GAESQUA SM
Liquidity Daily