GVC Gaesco Japón, FI


Japanese Domestic Equity Investment Fund.

Investment policy

The Fund leans strongly towards companies that rely mainly on domestic consumption, with the portfolio having only 15% exposure to the main export sectors of Japan: automotive, electronics and machinery.

The Fund is managed with a system based on individual stock selection or a fundamental bottom-up approach and with the use of high tracking errors in line with all GVC Gaesco Funds.

The Fund will have at least 85% of its assets invested in equities from Japanese issuers that are listed on the Japanese stock market.

It may operate in derivative financial instruments traded on organized and OTC markets for hedging and investment purposes.


General Information
Category International Equity
Risk Profile 6
Managing Company GVC Gaesco Gestión SGIICs, SA
Custodian Santander Investment, SA
Launch Date 14/12/2005
Benchmark Index Topix
Currency EUR
ISIN ES0141113037
Bloomberg GAEJAPO SM
Liquidity Daily