GVC Gaesco Patrimonialista, FI


Direct single-strategy Absolute Return Pension Fund.

The aim of the Fund is to protect and maximise its assets. The Fund uses proprietary management tools, developed entirely by GVC Gaesco Gestión, S.G.I.I.C.. These tools have been systematised and optimised over 18 years of backtesting (December 1988 to December 2006).

The Fund turns the momentum of equity markets to its advantage, investing more as markets become more bullish (High Sharpe Ratio), and divesting as they are downgraded, i.e., when the reward to volatility ratio is no longer attractive (Low Sharpe Ratio).

The investment process is clear and disciplined, making the best use of many year's market experience, and trying to distinguish between structural movements and those that that can be classified as normal market noise, avoiding at all times the danger of being swayed by emotions.

The Fund distributes investments into two categories: risk-free assets (Fixed Income ETFs and Monetary Market) and risk assets (Funds and Equity ETFs), depending on the prevailing situation in each market. The level of investment in each category is extremely wide-ranging (0% - 100%), giving the fund considerable flexibility and speed to adapt to market variations. Several factors are considered before investing: equity currency and the monetary market:

  • Equities: The Fund carefully selects a number of worldwide Equity Markets in which to invest a variable percentage of its assets both individually, in each type of equity instrument, and globally in terms of the extent of the Fund's exposure to equity, which varies over time.
  • Currencies: It weighs up the fact that, although it invests in Equity Markets worldwide, fund holders operate in euros. This means that fund managers can optimize the euro risk/return ratio.
  • Money Market: This is the Fund's alternative market in which it invests when no Equity Market opportunities are available.

From 12 de February of 2016 this Fund has acquired the Feeder status del Fondo Luxemburgués Pareturn GVC Gaesco Patrimonial Fund (Master) managed both by GVC Gaesco Gestión SGIIC.


General Information
Category Absolute Return
Risk Profile 4
Managing Company GVC Gaesco Gestión SGIICs, SA
Launch Date 21/09/2007
Benchmark Index Euribor at 1 week 200bp
Currency EUR
ISIN ES0141114001
Bloomberg GAPATRI SM
Liquidity Daily

Other classes available

Name Class ISIN Min. Investment NAV Date DFI
GVC Gaesco Patrimonialista P ES0141114019 300.000 EUR
GVC Gaesco Patrimonialista I ES0141114027 1.000.000 EUR