GVC Gaesco 1K+ Renta Variable, FI

Investment policy

The Fund invests in medium and/or large sized companies in the European Union and the USA with a minimum market capitalisation of EUR 1 billion or more (or equivalent in US dollars) and which regularly distribute dividends in excess of Euribor + 1%. The exposure to equity will be more than 75% without any sector limitation. Exposure to fixed income, including the money market, will be a maximum of 25%, in assets with no defined credit quality, listed on the markets of European Union countries and the USA, both in domestic/international public debt and in fixed income issued by private companies and in issues that satisfy a minimum IRR of Euribor + 1%. There will be no limit on the average duration of the fixed income portfolio. The fund will not invest in emerging markets or countries. The Fund may invest in assets denominated in currencies other than the Euro, with currency risk exposure plus investment in equity securities issued by entities located outside the Euro area exceeding 30%. The Fund may invest up to 10% in financial assets which are eligible assets, whether or not harmonised, of the same group as the manager, and in deposits with credit institutions and money market instruments not traded on organised markets. Financial derivative instruments traded on organized derivative markets for hedging and investment purposes and not traded on organized derivative markets for the purpose of achieving the specific objective of profitability may be traded. The maximum exposure to market risk through derivatives is the amount of equity.

General Information
Category Renta Variable Internacional
Risk Profile 7
Managing Company GVC Gaesco Gestión, SGIIC, SA
Custodian Banco de Sabadell, SA
Launch Date 08/11/2013
Benchmark Index ---
Currency EUR
ISIN ES0143630004
Bloomberg ---
Liquidity ---

Other classes available

Name Class ISIN Min. Investment NAV Date DFI
GVC Gaesco 1K+ Renta Variable, FI I ES0143630012 1.000.000 € retail and 1 € institutional