GVC Gaesco Renta Fija


Investment in short-term Fixed Income.

Investment policy

Benchmark: 80% 1 week Euribor + 20% Markit Iboxx Eur Liquid High Yield Index.

The Fund invests in short-term fixed income public and private issuers of any country, traded in organized financial markets legally authorized. Under normal market conditions, the Fund will be invested in fixed income securities of OECD countries.

The Fund may invest up to 25% of its assets in Fixed Income securities with mid-level credit rating (BBB- and BBB+ rating according to the specialized agency Standard & Poor's or equivalent), and the rest will be invested in high-level credit rating (A or higher than A). However, it will be possible to invest in those securities that have a credit rating equal to the Kingdom of Spain.

The Fund may invest up to 20% of its assets in Fixed Income securities with low or not level credit rating.

The portfolio maturity will be less than 2 years.

The Fund will not invest in Emerging Markets. The maximum exposition to other currencies different from Euro will be 5%.

GVC Gaesco Renta Fija may invest between 0% and 5% of its value in financial CII which are qualifying assets, whether harmonized or non-harmonized, not belonging to the Manager's group. Moreover, the Fund may invest up to 10% in deposits.

It may invest in derivative instruments traded on organized and OTC markets for hedging and investment purposes.

General Information
Category Euro Fixed Income
Risk Profile 3
Managing Company GVC Gaesco Gestión SGIICs, SA
Custodian Banc de Sabadell, SA
Launch Date 18/06/1986
Benchmark Index 80% Euribor at 1 week + 20% Markit Iboxx Eur Liquid High Yield Index
Currency EUR
ISIN ES0169764034
Bloomberg PYGCREC SM
Liquidity Daily