Our Expertise. GVC Gaesco has 2 main managerial strengths


15 Equity and 9 Mixed Funds

  • Management Goal: To maximize performance and to beat the benchmark.
  • Comprehensive fundamental approach.
  • Identification of companies from all markets and capitalization sizes that have:
    • A clear specialization in their activity.
    • Good Market Positioning.
    • Solid Shareholder Control.
    • An experienced management team.
  • One to one interviews with the Management Team.
  • Fundamental assessment of the selected companies, calculating their fundamental discount and monitoring the discount life cycle.
  • Maximizing the fundamental discount of the portfolio at all times, the main source of the potential return of the portfolio. 

Absolute Return

2 Absolute Return Funds

  • Double Management Goals:
    • First: To limit the variability of the net asset value in negative market environments.
    • Second: To maximize performance.
  • Based on taking advantage of market ineffeciencies coming from behavioral finance.
  • Direct Multi-strategy.
  • Quantitative Approach. 
  • Compare the inefficiencies for a period no less than 25 years, validating them in very different market environments.
  • Optimization and implementation of inefficiencies.

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